Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
Mental Health and Other Resources
Recommendations for Books, Apps, etc
Grief and Loss

Hold Me Tight - a book by Dr Susan Johnson (for couples)

This Isn't What I Expected - a book by Karen Kleiman MSW (for postpartum issues)

Cribsheet - a book by Emily Oster (for unbiased information on a variety of topics from birth to preschool)

Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts - a book by Sally Winston

Hey Sigmund - a website full of helpful articles on parenting, relationships, etc

For sleep issues you might try: CBT-i Coach - an app for insomnia, Snoozecast (Podcast)

Mindfulness apps to try: Stop, Breathe & Think; Headspace; Mindfulness Coach; Calm

A mindfulness app for pregnancy - Mind the Bump

Apps for general coping with anxiety and depression - ACT Coach, ACT Companion, CBT Companion, DBT Companion, Breathe2Relax

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